As part of our commitment to continuous improvement we recently conducted in-depth user surveys from a sample of our users. Over the last few months our engineering team have been hard at work bringing your suggestions to life and incorporating user feedback into our maps application. Today we are pleased to announce two new product features in our Maps application to help insurers improve their risk reporting processes.

New Report Layout

We know that accurate reporting of risk is extremely important to our customers, and that storing risk reports is a cornerstone for evidence-based underwriting.

We've re-engineered our Save to PDF option to make the information easier to read and included a map to provide location context.

Sample risk report from Addresscloud

To embed the map into our reports we partnered with Nick Lempesis, a cartographer with deep expertise in the conversion of web content into static maps. In addition to the map the report includes property data (address, UPRN, and coordinates) helping improve cross-referencing, and the risk results from the selected dataset or Risk Summary view.  


Custom Accumulation Extents

Back in February 2019, we launched a custom area tool for our Maps platform. Simple but effective, since its launch the tool has proven incredibly successful; in addition to single point queries, custom area selection has allowed underwriters to determine risks at site level, providing invaluable context when assessing commercial premises and complex sites.

From today, customers with Addresscloud managed exposure will now also be able to calculate their total accumulation within custom areas. If you don't currently subscribe to our exposure service and are interested in this functionality please contact to discuss your requirements.


Using the polygon icon from the drawing tools will automatically trigger a combined request to our Intel and Exposure APIs. The request will then return a site-level calculation of the total accumulated exposure, together with a worst-case risk assessment.

We're always striving to improve our user experience so if you have comments or suggestions on these features, or something else, then we'd love to hear from you.