We are very pleased to welcome Ilaria Callegari to the Addresscloud team as our new creative front-end developer. Ilaria is in charge of creating and optimising our software interfaces, ensuring they are simple and user-friendly for our rapidly growing client base.

With a background in humanities, including a Bachelor’s degree in languages and a Masters in cultural anthropology, Ilaria turned to web development during the pandemic. Completely self-taught in the discipline, Ilaria has uncovered a natural talent for creative web development, and explains that there is actually some overlap between anthropology and user experience

“You might be surprised to learn that ethnographic research methods are well used by user experience designers, I find the cross-over fascinating and my background has given me excellent insights into how people interact with and experience websites.”

Addresscloud prides itself on providing our clients access to billions of data points, enabling them to make informed decisions about their property risks.  Ilaria’s skills in web development will be crucial to ensuring we continue to provide a simple, straightforward user experience as we continue to add data streams and an increasing number of addresses to our property database.