hx is on a mission to build a best-of-breed tech ecosystem for the insurance market. Renew Connect offers seamless integrations for data insights, workflow management or pricing.  Addresscloud detailed property data can be used to assess flood, fire or a whole host of other property related risk. Addresscloud information is available directly in the Renew platform, reducing the tedious administrative work and errors which can be made by switching between platforms.

As we find ourselves falling into a second lockdown rhythm, it seems almost unnatural to think back on the times of packed events and conferences which formed a normal part of working life. However, it was at the Instech London annual conference (taking part in that great British tradition of queueing for the bar) that we first met the hx team. Both of our respective companies are committed to reducing unnecessary administrative work within the insurance industry.

Instech London Event

Addresscloud's geocoder has been built from the ground up using the latest fuzzy search technology to deliver high match rates at lightning-fast speeds and is trusted by leading insurers including RSA and Brit. Underwriters can choose to focus on one address, or build risk profiles which can be saved in Renew to reduce work later. Our technology combines high quality commercial and open datasets from major property listings and surveyors with an advanced geospatial algorithm to 'fill the gaps'.  As a further layer of security, we work with trusted names including JBA, BGS and Anchorpoint, combined with open datasets from the Environment Agency, Land Registry, Ordnance Survey and USGS to provide a detailed accurate risk assessment at address, building or site level.

"We have been very impressed with the Renew Connect platform and are excited to be able to offer our mutual customers with access to high quality geocoding and a comprehensive set of property and perils data directly into the pricing workflow.  Addresscloud and hx are both forward thinking agile organisations with deep insurance expertise and a proven track record of delivery to top tier insurers"

Mark Varley, Founder & CEO, Addresscloud

If you are interested in learning more about the Addresscloud platform you can contact hello@addresscloud.com and the team will be in contact to arrange an introduction call to learn more about your requirements.  We can also provide an API key for use in the Renew Connect platform.

If you are not a Renew client and you are interested in a demo of how their powerful integration capabilities can assist your business, please contact hello@hyperexponential.com and they will arrange a session.