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Inperio has selected Addresscloud’s geocoding and property intelligence API platform to support its new Terrorism Protection Product.
Addresscloud’s API complete with a very detailed and accurate address database, AddressFirst, provides accurate addresses and detailed locations for Inperio.
Inperio will be able to underwrite terrorism risk faster and with more confidence by knowing the exact location of every property across the UK.

Addresscloud announces that Inperio has selected its API platform to power its new stand-alone Terrorism Protection Underwriting product.

Addresscloud API platform along with its latest address product AddressFirst will be used by Inperio to process all its UK addresses to identify accurate risk locations by supplying a validated address and accurate geolocation.  Both these features will be used within the Inperio’s underwriting workflow to deliver a best in class Terrorism & Sabotage Insurance proposition.

Alan Brett, Product Development Lead at Inperio said, “Built specifically for our broker partners, we’ve revolutionised our digital trading capability, launching a full cycle end-to-end platform for standalone Terrorism & Sabotage Insurance. We have utilised Addresscloud’s powerful API Platform to revolutionise our digital trading capability launching a full cycle end to end platform. Using geocoding data delivered by Addresscloud, risk locations and our exposures of any size can be covered within an instant.” Alan goes on to say “We have taken the opportunity to improve the accuracy of our ratings so ensuring immediate competitive premiums whilst delivering comprehensive protection.”

Dr Alun Jones, CCO of Addresscloud commented “With location being everything when it comes to identifying Terrorism risk, getting the address right with its accurate location is a crucial part of the underwriting process.  We have built a world class cloud-based geocoding and property intelligence API platform and it is great to see an insurance leader such as Inperio recognise that and we look forward to supporting their growth in this challenging line of Insurance”

About Addresscloud

Addresscloud was founded in 2015 with a mission to provide a fast, accurate and cost effective geocoding service. We saw an opportunity to combine the simplicity of services such as Google Maps with the power of rich datasets from the Ordnance Survey (AddressBase), Royal Mail (PAF) and Eircode. With customers from startups to FTSE 100 companies including leading insurers and retailers we continue to build on this vision. We have extended our services to Location Intelligence helping our customers with important property level risk assessment questions such as flood risk and subsidence risk. We help insurers reduce the questions they ask by pre-filling quotation forms with number of bedrooms, construction type, age, property value and rebuild cost.

About Inperio

Inperio (London) Limited is a privately held full service niche MGA established in 2014 specialising in Professional Indemnity and Political Violence covers. Inperio is back by a number of Lloyd’s and Company Market Insurers and specialise in writing insurance for the SME sector.