Serverless is at the heart of Addresscloud - it is the mechanism by which our service scales to support thousands of underwriters and consumers perform millions of transactions every day.  The MapScaping Podcast invited me onto the show to talk about some of the technology behind Addresscloud, and explore why we think serverless infrastructure is the future for geospatial.

The Podcast, available on the MapScaping website introduces the key concepts of serverless, how it differs from traditional cloud computing, and why it is fast becoming an ideal platform for geospatial applications. You can find a more in-depth write-up of some of the ideas and my concept of "serverless abstraction" in my previous post "Serverless Geospatial".

Serverless services are abstracted from their computing environment.

A massive thanks to Daniel O'Donohue for taking the interest and the time, and for asking such insightful questions.